【STONEMASTER】ハイブリットシリーズ 再入荷のお知らせ


この春リリースした人気モデル《SM HYBRID シリーズ》の3型が、7月再入荷することが決定いたしました。

Stonemaster, the pants brand created by Mike Graham, the man who created the modern definition of "climbing pants". The popular model "SM HYBRID Series" released this spring will be back in stock in July.


The fabric is a functional mix of cotton and nylon. The fabric is thin, strong, and quick-drying.
The material is dyed with a special processing technique and has a rich expression. This dyeing process is very difficult to control, so all the dyeing is done in Japan.


Features include waist belt loops that can be stored in pockets. It also comes with a D-ring at the end of the belt, which can be used as a key holder. The triangular reinforcement of the same color suede also adds to the atmosphere.



The hem is sewn with jagged stitches. Nowadays, there are very few factories that can do this kind of time-consuming stitching. Every time the garment is washed, wrinkles and shades of color are created, and the atmosphere is enhanced.


It also has a coin pocket and a concho-shaped zipper pull with reflector thread mixed in. And if you stuff it in this zipper pocket, you can pack it for packable storage.




These pants may look very simple, but a lot of time and effort has gone into making them. With special dyes, no two pairs of pants are the same. The way the color fades is also different for each person.

Stonemaster's hybrid pants are the one and only pants made by adding a lot of human touch to tech wear.